• Dr. Guntram Shatterhand

GupShup Shokupan Bread. Eat me. Eat me. Eat me.

White is right. Hold on woke peeps, in this is case white is right. The most ubiquitous type of bread in Japan is the white and soft square-shaped bread called shokupan, which simply means, “eating bread.” Made of white flour, yeast, milk, eggs, butter, salt and sugar. And that’s it.

You may have mixed feelings about it: It is after all plain white sliced bread with an unremarkable soft crust. It has none of the heartiness of a rustic hearth-baked loaf with a crackling crust or the unrefined grain breads that are preferred these days.

So why do GupShup use it?

Shokupan is the bread that makes GupShup Sandos so tasty. Japan swears by it. It is still the go-to everyday bread that is sold everywhere from supermarkets to convenience stores in Japan. Every Japanese bakery makes shokupan, just as every French bakery makes plain white-flour baguettes.

It may appear to be bland bread but it stands out because it achieves a seemingly impossible textural contrast: a crumb that's light, spring whilst sturdy. So it holds our fillings perfectly. Soggy is something we don’t do.

What’s more, think of it as the bread version of a bowl of plain steamed white rice: It’s both a neutral backdrop for other foods as well as the star of the meal. And it makes GupShup fillings thrive in between its thick slices. The bread is light and just melts in your mouth, whilst the flavours of our fillings will engulf your taste buds. You really will enjoy your sandwich, and how many times have you ever said that? GupShup sandos will make your lunch into a proper meal.

So do we import our Shokupan bread from Japan?

We wish could but of course that’s not possible. So GupShup handbake fresh Shokupan bread every day in our hometown of Birmingham.

Say what? Yes babs, we’ve downed tools, grown beards (gender fluid ones) and put on our artisan hats on and made bread. It has cost us a pretty packet to do so but we are so committed to the sando stylee, as we need the authentic bread to make an authentic GupShup sando bite. And that’s inline with our values; we only use fresh ingredients and locally sourced if possible. Alright our kid.

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