Frequently asked questions

What is Shokupan Bread?

Also called Hotel Bread, it resembles regular white bread, but one bite and you’ll realize it’s worlds away from the bread that’s used by high-street sellers. The slices are thick – almost an inch – and the texture is incredibly soft, pillowy and light. It’s like biting into a creamy cloud. Of course we do this all the time, cloud biting, you just have to take our word for it.

The ingredients are the usual combination of white flour, yeast, butter, eggs and milk powder. But somehow, even with it sliced thick, the bread is so much more airy than a regular white loaf. It is delicious witchcraft.

What is Tonkatsu sauce?

Sometimes also referred to as katsu sauce, Tonkatsu sauce is a sweet, savoury and tangy condiment that you’ll usually find paired up with our classic sando range. It’s simply delicious with our fillings, a must have flavour sensation and your taste buds will thank you for it.

What is Sando?

This simply means Sandwich in Japanese.

Japanese Mayo, what’s that all about then mayte?

Our special GupShup mayo is made up of a combination of mustard seeds, vinegar, and other spices, Japanese Mayo is only made of Karashi mustard powder and water. It is hot but with our fresh salad ingredients it adds the necessary pop to make those flavours come together. Come at me bro.

What does Wanpaku mean?

In Japanese it means naughty.

In context: ‘You know Roger in accounts?’


‘He’s a right wanpaku’.

Am I with someone?

Sorry peeps, I’m taken. Yes I know, but you’ll just have to get over it, as I’m too handsome for mass public consumption.

Tell me more about the GupShup kitchen?

All GupShup fillings are flavoured by Fargo’s.

It is an established, well-known and well-loved family restaurant in Birmingham on the Lady Pool Road. They always source the freshest ingredients and organic if possible. It has 5 rating on scores on the doors and all kitchen staff a haccp trained.

Do you Cater?

We do indeed. If you have a corporate do, a business lunch or a special get together, our food will get people talking. No limp or soggy offerings here. Our sandos are the Rolls Royce of sandwiches and we take pride in everything we prepare. We want your business and we’ll make sure we provide food that’s fit for your brand values, and of course, your staff and guests.

Oooh me Nuts!


Our products contain wheat, egg, dairy, soy, or fish allergens. In addition, our products may be processed in facilities that process tree nuts and peanuts.