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GupShup is flavoured by FARGO'S kitchen.
Who you say?
They are one of Birmingham's most innovative and respected restaraunts with over 10 years experience in creating innovative and fresh new dishes. They are a 5 rated food business with a huge
and loyal following who love their flavours.
GupShup has come together with FARGO'S to deliver a need for many thousands of people in Birmingham who find it hard to grab a lunchtime sandwich that they can eat. Mainstream outlets don't cater for
speaciality diets and we're proud to provide the filling for this need.
GupShup make meals you can trust and eat.

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Order delicious GupShup Sandos Mon-Fri from 9.30 am To 3pm

379 Ladypool Rd, Birmingham B12 8LA

07874 717829 


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